About Us

Our company has been in business for years. We work with furnaces of all types and other heaters. We are proud of 95% customer satisfaction rate and we work hard to be #1 furnace maintenance service in our area.

We created this company to help people get the services of the highest quality. We work every day for you, so you can call us if you have a furnace emergency 24/7. We work on holidays as well. Hope that we can meet your expectations and you will be fully satisfied with our work.

How We Work

You can call us and arrange a check-up, or fill in our form, so our manager will call you and schedule an appointment. Our workers will arrive just in time to fix or prepare your furnace. We can also work when you’re not at home, so you don’t get bothered with noise.

Our workers will clean up if your place gets messy during the inspection of your furnace. We also guarantee you that if something gets damaged, we will repair that thing. We guarantee you that the place will be clean when you return!

The furnace inspection process usually takes up to 3 hours. If it is damaged, it might take up to 2 days to properly diagnose the furnace. We do furnace repairs too, however, it might take longer to find new parts for some furnace models. We work with the newest models as well as with the oldest models and can find parts even for the rarest models of furnaces.

Our Workers

Our specialists are fully certified and they complete courses and pass an exam before they can start working for us. We try to give them the knowledge they need as well as train them to diagnose and inspect furnaces properly.

We also take care of our staff and try to provide them with personal growth opportunities. Our employees are encouraged to develop themselves, grow and expand their knowledge. We believe that good workers and their personal happiness is our responsibility.

They are all insured and we pay for their vacation time and sick days. The policy of our company states that the happier workers can do a better job, so investing in their happiness is the priority for us.

Our Prices

You will pay when the work is done and you’re happy with the result. We try to keep the prices low, so our services are affordable for everyone. If you’re not happy with the result, you can call our manager and discuss it with them. We also run free diagnostics, so you will not pay for that inspection.