Furnace systems can go out of orders very easily, and you might not even notice that chance at first. There are quite many issues with a furnace you have to be aware of to know how to prevent those.

  1. Uneven heating.
    One of the most common issues is uneven heating. The majority of people who turn to technician specify this as the main
  2. Loud noises.
    Rumbling, squeaking and growling are the most frequent signs that something is wrong. Normally, a furnace will make some noise here and there, but typically it stays quiet. If you hear loud banging and other noises, you have to call a technician to repair it.
  3. Lack of maintenance.
    If you don’t inspect your furnace regularly, you will encounter some issues and maybe even breakdowns. Those people who have filters to change have to inspect furnaces once in 3 months, however, some people don’t check anything until the thing tears down completely. Remember that inspections are necessary for your machine to last long.
  4. No filter maintenance.
    When your filter gets clogged (and it will get clogged), your machine will have to work twice as hard. That will be seen on your bills, but it also shortens its lifespan. Normally, a furnace can work up to 12 years. If you don’t change its filters, it won’t serve you even 5. Luckily, it’s quite easy to run that type of maintenance yourself, without any help.
  5. Thermostat issues.
    When you have issues with thermostat, you have to turn to a specialist in 99% of cases. You can’t fix a thermostat alone unless you have some knowledge of the furnace systems. When you have an issue with a thermostat, your furnace will produce uneven heating or won’t produce it at all or will work with intervals. If you don’t repair it quickly, it might shorten the lifespan of a machine.
  6. Faulty ignition system.
    These are quite common as well and will make it harder to keep a furnace running. Usually, you notice a pilot control problem when you can’t heat a room at all. This issue can’t be fixed by a person without special education.

Fixing a Furnace Yourself

If you experience one of those issues, you might want to try to repair your machine yourself. There are some things you can try. If you see that you can’t find a solution yourself, try to contact your HVAC inspector or call a service center.

  • Inspect the filters.
    If you haven’t done that yet, it might be just the time. You have to check and replace your filters regularly to keep your furnace running for a long time. It also helps you, as you will be breathing cleaner air.
  • Check the thermostat.
    Sometimes you have to inspect and/or replace the battery. The battery level might be low, that’s why it might be not working properly.
  • Check the blower fan.
    When you see that the blower is making noises or doesn’t run properly, you shouldn’t call a tech guy immediately. Sometimes you just have to inspect the settings. Your fan has to be on “auto”, so it works normally. Sometimes it’s on “low” or “high”, that might be causing the fan to overwork.
  • Check the furnace itself.
    If you open the front panel and see plenty of debris and trash there, it might be causing issues too. You have to keep your furnace clean in order to work properly. That is necessary. You have to inspect a furnace twice a year. If you’re unsure whether you can inspect it yourself, call a specialist to do it for you. Remember that skipping a check-up won’t save you money, it will make you buy a new furnace soon.

There are many common issues to have to be aware of. If you notice that your furnace starts making noises or the temperature shifts quickly, watch it and try to run a check-up yourself. The sooner you will notice the issues, the easier will the process be.